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Tutorials | Shutter Speed Compensation for any ND Filter


Another non-tutorial.

This page is here to allow you to generate a shutter speed conversion table for any strength of ND filter. It's REALLY simple to use. In the form below, enter the strength of your ND filter (in stops) and click Generate Table. If you wish you can also print out your resulting table using the Print Table button.

You can also use fractional stops if you like. For example, say you estimate your "10 stop filter" is actually about 11.5 stops. Simply enter "11.5" in the form and hit Generate Table

Easy peasy lemon squeazy!


How to read the table

There are two columns. One With x Stop Filter and another with No Filter. The idea is the No Filter column shows readouts you can expect to see on your camera LCD.

So without your filter mounted, take a note of the current meter reading and it's corresponding With x Stop Filter shutter speed.

Then, once you've mounted the filter you know what shutter speed to be using! It's that easy.


Good luck, have fun.



Filter Strength (in Stops)   

Custom ND Filter Shutter Speed Conversion Table
Generated at





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