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Tutorials | Shutter speed compensation for a 10 stop ND filter



Before you carry on, new for 2014

I've just created a new version of this page where you can enter the filter strength and generate a chart for any strength of filter, not just a 10-stop.

Tutorials | Shutter Speed Compensation for any ND Filter



This isn't a tutorial as such, it's simply a table showing shutter speeds with and without a 10 stop filter (e.g. the B+W 110 ND or Lee Big Stopper).

It's only to save you the hassle of arithmetic in the field! ;)

Word of warning. Due to manufacturing differences, not all 10 stop filters are created equal. Some will be slightly stronger than others. I highly recommend you test first and make sure to add or remove some time to compensate for your filters variance in strength. If you haven't met before, make friends with your histogram.

Shutter Speeds

No Filter


With Filter

30s 8h 32m
25s 7h 6m 40s
20s 5h 41m 20s
15s 4h 16m
13s 3h 41m 52s
10s 2h 50m 40s
8s 2h 16m 32s
6s 1h 42m 24s
5s 1h 25m 20s
4s 1h 8m 16s
3s 51m 12m
2.5s 42m 40s
2s 34m 8s
1.6s 27m 19s
1.3s 22m 12s
1s 17m 4s
1/1.3s [1.3] 13m 8s
1/1.6s [1.6] 10m 40s
1/2s [2] 8m 32s
1/2.5s [2.5] 6m 50s
1/3s [3] 5m 42s
1/4s [4] 4m 16s
1/5s [5] 3m 25s
1/6s [6] 2m 51s
1/8s [8] 2m 8s
1/10s [10] 1m 43s

No Filter


With Filter

1/13s [13] 1m 19s
1/15s [15] 1m 9s
1/20s [20] 52s
1/25s [25] 41s
1/30s [30] 34s
1/40s [40] 26s
1/50s [50] 21s
1/60s [60] 17s
1/80s [80] 13s
1/100s [100] 11s
1/125s [125] 9s
1/160s [160] 6.4s
1/200s [200] 5.1s
1/250s [250] 4s
1/320s [320] 3.2s
1/400s [400] 2.5s
1/500s [500] 2s
1/640s [640] 1.6s
1/800s [800] 1.3s
1/1000s [1000] 1s
1/1250s [1250] 0.82s [1.3]
1/1600s [1600] 0.64s [1.5]
1/2000s [2000] 0.51s [2]
1/2500s [2500] 0.40s [2.5]
1/3200s [3200] 0.32s - [3]
1/4000s [4000] 0.25s - [4]

Feel free to print this and keep it in your bag.

If it's a bit too big then I've created some small PSD & PDF files which you can use to print a business card sized version. You can download either below.

Shutter Speed Chart - PSD Version (ShutterSpeedCard.rar / 0.2MB / 1822 downloads) 

Shutter Speed Chart - PDF Version (ShutterSpeedChart(A4).pdf / 0.9MB / 2489 downloads) 


Good luck, have fun.



10 Stop Filter Sample Images

Here are some sample images show with a B+W 110 ND or Lee Big Stopper: -

B+W 110 ND Samples



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